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I am completely new to sewing, where do I start?

I don’t believe you need to spend a huge amount of money to get into sewing. I bought my first sewing machine 2nd hand and its very basic. I still use it to this day. If you don’t have a sewing machine- ask around if you can borrow one- you might get lucky!

My patterns are for a variety of skill levels, but as a beginner the Corey dress is a good place to start. You may make a few mistakes along the way, but who doesn’t? The worst that will happen is that you have to unpick and redo some parts.

I would recommend that you have a practice run and use a cheap fabric to begin with before you make up in your final fabric.

What size range are your patterns available in?

The majority of my patterns are in size range UK 6-26, US 2-22, EU 30-54. I highly recommend checking your measurements against the pattern piece to check which size you are closest to as this may be different to what you may buy from the highstreet. 

I’m stuck and have a question- can anyone help me?

Don’t give up- sometimes you just need a breather! Double check the instruction booklet and go over the steps. The tutorials and tips section may have some pointers to help. If you are still stuck email me on or find someone in your local community who sews and see if they can help. 

Can I sell the clothes I make from your patterns?

No. These patterns are licensed for individual use only.  If you are interested in licensing it for commercial use, please contact me at

How do I get my patterns?

When you purchase a pattern, you will create an account. You can download your pattern and the instructions from your account and save them to your computer.

The patterns can be printed on standard A4/US Letter paper and taped together to create the pattern. You will also receive a separate file including the sewing instructions; you can either print this out or save paper and follow along with it open on your laptop/mobile phone.

You will also have an A0 file which can be sent to a copy shop for printing. You can check out my printer recommendations on the Mandi Loves page

This way you instantly have your sewing pattern at no extra cost, and once you have stuck it all together you can get right on with the sewing

Patterns include all seam allowances. You can choose to trace the patterns onto tracing paper or cut them right off the printed sheets. 

*Please note that you will need Acrobat Reader or a similar software for opening PDF files. You can download Acrobat Reader for free here.

Can I sell your patterns in my shop?

Yes, I’d love you to! Please email me on to arrange a wholesale order.

What should I do if I find a mistake in your pattern?

I test my patterns as closely as possible to make sure this doesn’t happen.  That being said, occasionally an error will slip through the cracks. If you have a question about a pattern, or think there is an error, email me on as soon as possible so that I can fix it.

Can I teach a sewing workshop using your patterns?

Yes, that’s a great idea.  Please ask permission by emailing me first on Each student will have to buy their own copy of the pattern as they are licensed for individual use only. If you are running a workshop and would like to supply these patterns, please contact me to buy the patterns wholesale. I would love to see the makes, so please encourage your students to share their work on Instagram tagging @makewithmandi

Can I be a Make with Mandi pattern tester?

Yes you can join the testing crew list, just jump over to the sign up form and we will be in touch to ask you if you would like to test new patterns when they are ready. 

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